Welcome to the Stopwatch Kit developer documentation.

What is the Stopwatch Kit?

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The Stopwatch Kit is a developer's suite for developers to quickly count and manage the running time of high-precision programs.

By using the Stopwatch Kit, developers can achieve high-precision statistics and management of the run-time of multiple stages of the program by using the convenient and easy-to-understand Stopwatch classes and methods, without paying attention to its underlying implementation. The Stopwatch Kit only encapsulates the underlying built-in implementation and is intended for developers with friendly classes and methods, which is why the Stopwatch Kit exists.

The Stopwatch Kit currently supports Python primarily.

Development Language & Platform

The Stopwatch Kit currently provides an open source implementation for the following platforms.


Any other questions?

If you have additional questions, please visit the FAQ page.

If your issue is not listed in the FAQ, you can submit a new question in the Github repository of the Stopwatch Kit for the supported development languages & platforms.

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